Upfeed - AI writing assistant

Faster, clearer writing

The AI assistant used by professional writers to compose clearer writing, faster. Supports English and Norwegian.


"It helps us understand why some articles perform better than others"

— Erik Bonesvoll, Schibsted Media Group

Upfeed - Write clearer language

Increase readability

Make sure your articles are readable and reach out to a broader audience. Our assistant will: 

  • Give you corrections on grammar, punctuation, and common mistakes
  • Highlight sentences that are wordy or complex
  • Let you know if you’re using jargon that may be unfamiliar to some people
Upfeed - Improve structure and flow

Improve structure and flow

Write articles that are to-the-point, concise, and well-structured. Our assistant will:

  • Highlight excessive sentences and repetitive language
  • Let you know if your paragraphs are too long
  • Make sure your story stays on topic
Upfeed - Speed up the writing process

Speed up the writing process

Get a better overview of your process with our intelligent writing assistant. Our assistant will:

  • Give you suggestions that you can easily implement with the click of a button
  • Let you select what kinds of feedback you want, which lets you write without distractions

Integrates with Microsoft Word and Google docs

Get language assistance directly in the tools where you do your writing

Upfeed - Integrates with Microsoft Word and WordPress

English and Norwegian language support

Our deep learning tool supports English and Norwegian so far. More languages coming soon.


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