The Upfeed Team

On a mission to help professional writers use clearer language

In 2014, we started our journey to create a world-class writing assistant based on deep learning.


Meet the team

Joakim William Hauge, CEO and Founder Upfeed

Joakim William Hauge

Founder & CEO

+47 958 20953

Inga Lang, Linguist and NLP engineer at Upfeed

Inga Lang

Co-founder, Linguist & NLP Engineer


Harald Paulsen


Bojan Popic, Strategy and Operations at Upfeed

Bojan Popic

Strategy & Operations


Our values


Be transparent

By practicing radical transparency, we achieve a more open and objective approach to problem solving. The biggest mistake you can make is to suppress or not face your challenges.


Make mistakes and learn from them

We strongly believe in trying new things, making mistakes and learning from them. This way, we avoid the big mistakes that are difficult to come back from.


Cherish meritocracy

We encourage everyone in the organization to share their ideas and focus on disagreeing well, rather than running the risk of missing out on great opportunities as a result of ideas being suppressed.


Open positions

  • Full stack developer

    We're looking for a full-stack developer with some exposure to ML and NLP.  You will work with open source to build and maintain the engine behind our AI-powered writing assistant.

    Send application and CV to LinkedIn

  • NLP engineer / Linguist

    Join us in developing our next-generation platform for analyzing text. Some of the tools we use are Spacy, Prodigy, nbdev, Gensim, Huggingface, and FastAPI.

    Send application and CV to LinkedIn

  • Head of operations

    Are you ready to help scale Upfeed? We are looking for a process-focused manager that will make sure our company grows into greatness.

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